When you sign up or sign in to your Legends of Learning teacher account, you'll land on the HOME page where you can launch a QUICK PLAY assignment or create an assignment.

Click the ASSIGNMENTS tab for a list view or calendar view of the assignments you have created. This tab will display all assignments you have created and allow you to edit, copy, and assign your assignments.  

Click STUDENTS & GROUPS for options to manage Groups, Students, and Co-Teachers.


Click the REPORTS section to see teacher-level data reports of student progress, school-level data reports of student progress across teachers, or district-level data reports across schools.

Click EXPLORE CONTENT to search for games under your core subject.

Click the LESSONS PLANS tab to search for hands on lessons plans for each standard & grade with Legends of Learning games and offline activities.

Click REFER A FRIEND to let your colleagues know about Legends of Learning.

Click the HELP/FAQs tab to search for articles that can answer your questions.

Click HOME, or the Legends of Learning logo, to return to the home page.

At the top right of any page, click your name and then select Account Settings to view your account details. On this page, you can update or change your email, password, and name. You can also view or change your teacher code (used to launch your assignments), and manage which content you want to see when building assignments.

Under ACCOUNT SETTINGS, you can manage your account and assignment settings.

Sign out of Legends of Learning by clicking your name at the top right and selecting Log Out.

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