Google Classroom Import Errors

Troubleshooting tips for Google Classroom Import Errors

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If you receive a message stating "There was an error importing your Courses from Google Classroom", the first step is to try importing again. Most import errors are due to a brief connection error between Legends of Learning and Google Classroom.

Trying to import again generally resolves any import errors.

If attempting to import again does not work to allow you to import your classes, please email along with the following details:

  1. What email do you use for your Legends of Learning account and Google Classroom account?

NOTE: These emails may be different, and this is important information for us to know to assist with troubleshooting.

2. Attach a screenshot of the import error screen you receive when attempting to import your Google Classroom.

NOTE: For individual student import errors, please take a screenshot of the Student Import Results confirmation window and email the image to or send the image to us in a chat message.

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