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Teacher-Level Data Reports By Assignment

How to pull reports of class progress on an assignment

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Student performance data is available for schools or districts that have purchased a premium license to our Learning Universe platform. For more information on school and district licenses, click here.

To view class progress on an assignment, navigate to the REPORTS tab in Legends of Learning.

Then click By Assignment.

On the page that displays, you will see a list of all assignments that are Scheduled, Live, or Completed. 

If you are a Co-teacher, you can see assignments from the primary teacher listed on this page as well. All assignments from the primary teacher will be listed with an "Owner".

The assignment status, assignment name, start and end date, and groups the assignment has been assigned to can be found within the Assignment Reports list.

At the top of the assignment list, you have the option to search for an assignment by typing in the assignment name.

You can also filter the list to show only those assigned to selected student groups.

There are two actions available for each assignment found on the assignment list.

The View Question Results button will display results for the class as a whole on each question answered in the assignment.

You can type within the search bar to filter the data by students to see each student that has joined the assignment and whether they answered each question correctly or incorrectly.

You can download and print this data as needed using the Download button on the top right of the data.

You can also filter this data to view results for particular groups of students.

The View Class Progress button will display student progress and class performance in real-time (for live assignments). See this article for more information on how to view and monitor live student progress on an assignment.  


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