Sharing Assignments with Teachers

How to share a custom assignment with other teachers

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After you create an assignment, you can share it out with your peers!

To share an assignment, first, click the Assignments tab in your navigation menu.

Then select to view your assignments in List View or Calendar View.

From the Assignments page, find the assignment you would like to share. You can search for it by name, filter by groups, status or teachers, or sort the assignments by date created.

Hover your mouse over the three dots in the ACTIONS column and click Share With Another Teacher for the assignments you want to share.

In the window that appears, choose how you would like to share this assignment. You can share the assignment on social media, or you can copy a link to share via email or other means.

NOTE: Each time your shared assignment is launched by another teacher, you will earn 100 reward points!

For information on how to assign a shared assignment, check out this article.

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