After adding a child to your parent account, you are able to see data related to your child's mastery of topics in Math and/or Science. Select the arrow beside the student's name, then click on Topic Mastery.

The view on this page will default to your child's current grade level and subject area that they are currently playing within Legends of Learning: Awakening.

The page will list all of the units your child will encounter in the current grade level and subject area. Within each unit, you can see your child's status:

  • Completed - Your child has mastered the topic! An overall percent correct within the unit can be seen, as well as a breakdown of the percent correct for topics within the unit.

  • In Progress - Your child is currently working their way through this unit. By clicking the unit, you can see which topics your child has completed, started, and not started.

  • Not Started - Your child has not yet begun this unit.

Grade level/subject units are completed in order based on the list provided on the Topic Mastery Page.

You can use the filters at the top of the unit list to change your view. You can choose to see science or math content, as well as narrow down the list to view only units that are Completed, In Progress, or Not Started.

To view your child's progress in other grade levels, use the Level drop down to select a different grade level.

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