Teacher Reward Points: How to Use Points

How to use the points earned in Legends of Learning

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There are currently three ways to use reward points in Legends of Learning:

  • Gift coins to students (or yourself!)

  • Get a Legends of Learning cape

  • Enroll in our quarterly sweepstakes

To get started, click the Earn & Spend Points option in your left navigation menu.

Then, select Use Points.

Gift Coins

You can gift coins for 500 points per 1,000 coins.

Students can use the coins in Awakening to customize their avatars, and purchase cool accessories, and dance moves!

To get started, click the Gift Coins button.

Type the name or username of the student to which you want to gift coins. Or, select Treat Myself to gift the coins to your own account.

Select the number of coins you want to gift to this student. Then, click the Send Gift button.

Repeat for any additional students for which you would like to gift coins.

Get a Cape

Claim your exclusive Legends of Learning cape! Available only for a limited time. When they're gone, they're gone!

NOTE: We currently only send capes to addresses within the United States.

To get started, click the Get a Cape button.

Complete and submit the cape request form with your mailing address.

Capes will be mailed within 4-6 weeks after submitting the form.

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