After students have completed a teacher assignment, they are introduced to Free Play. Free Play is unlimited and available for students until the assignment reaches the scheduled end date.

Students are taken to the Town after completing a teacher assignment. If this is the first time that a student is entering Awakening Free Play, they will enter the Lab in order to create their avatar and will need to interact with Rosie to collect their first beastie. After completing those steps, students will be able to enter into the Town.

In the Town, students will be able to see other students, interact with doctors in lab coats, and battle computer players with their beasties.

Students can choose to battle with computer players. During battle, students will be answering questions related to math or science content. The questions a student receives in battle corresponds to the learning objective of the last assignment they completed before entering Free Play.

Teachers can monitor student progress and performance in Awakening Free Play through the Awakening tab on the Reports page.

Please Note: Awakening is NOT compatible using a Safari browser at this time.

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