Awakening is a new open-ended student experience in which they can play at home without having an assignment launched from a teacher.

Students can sign up for an at-home Awakening account by going to and selecting the

'Play on Your Own' option.

Students can also download Legends of Learning Awakening on iOS or Android.

This new at-home experience gives students engaging features they have been requesting like avatar creation, battling, and quests.


  • For a glossary of key terms and tips related to the Awakening game, see this article!

  • Teacher assignments are not currently available within the iPad App or Android app.

  • Legends of Learning Awakening is NOT compatible using a Safari browser at this time.

  • Teachers can monitor student progress and performance in Awakening through the Student Driven tab on the Reports page.

  • Battles serve as an educational component for students. During battles, students will encounter questions that correspond with the learning objective(s) they last completed if they are coming from a teacher assignment. If students come to Awakening through the Play On Your Own option, students will encounter questions that progress them through the learning objective(s).

  • Once students score a total of 10 points in a topic, they are marked as proficient and have therefore “beat” that topic. Students receive 1 point for a correct answer, and lose ½ point for an incorrect answer.

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