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How to Implement Math Basecamp
How to Implement Math Basecamp

Tips for implementing Math Basecamp in your classroom

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Math Basecamp is intended for students who have already established a foundational knowledge of number sense and fact strategies. The purpose of Basecamp is for students to gain fact mastery of addition and subtraction and/or multiplication and division facts.

Math Basecamp should not be used for students who struggle with initial facts such as their zeroes and ones.

The implementation of Math Basecamp is flexible based on your classroom needs. You do not need to set aside dedicated time within your math lessons to have students engage in Basecamp.

Here are some suggestions for ways to incorporate Math Basecamp in your daily classroom routines:

  • Centers

  • Homework

  • Morning work

  • Computer lab time

  • Before or after school programs

  • Summer school

  • Intervention time

To get the most out of Math Basecamp, use the chart below to guide your classroom usage:


Minutes Per Session

Number of Sessions Per Week

Gradual Fact Mastery for on-track students



Accelerated Fact Mastery


(includes additional practice game time)


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