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Math Basecamp - Student Experience
Math Basecamp - Student Experience

Overview of the student experience in Math Basecamp

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Each session in Math Basecamp Fact Mastery consists of five activities – Assess, Activate, Recall, Establish, and Practice.

Each daily Basecamp session will take about 15-20 minutes for students to complete

When students first enter Math Basecamp, they begin with an assessment that gathers data about individual fact mastery for each student.

Second, in the Activate activity, the program assigns up to four facts the student has not yet mastered. These facts belong to one, or at most, two fact families. During the activity, students see visualizations of their facts and get reinforcement of the fact family relationship.

Third, in the Recall activity, students move their facts into short-term memory using a method called cover-copy-compare.

Fourth, in the Establish activity, students are challenged to retrieve these newly learned facts after longer and longer intervals. This allows students to move facts from short-term into long-term memory.

In the fifth and final activity, Practice, learners pick from a selection of fact mastery games that focus on acquired facts while introducing distractions. The games focus only on mastered facts and improves retrieval time.

NOTE: In the Establish Phase, students answer newly learned facts while setting up their campsite in Basecamp.

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