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Fact Mastery Reports - Group Performance
Fact Mastery Reports - Group Performance

Navigating the Group Performance reports in Math Basecamp

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Basecamp’s Group Performance reports provide you with an overview of fact mastery gains across all of your students and groups.

To access the Group Performance reports, select Math Fact Mastery under the Math Basecamp section, then select Group Reports.

Overview Data

From the Overview page, you can track progress at a glance and monitor student usage of Basecamp.

On the Overview page, you are provided with important data highlights for each student such as:

A. What percentage of facts have been assessed

B. What percentage of facts are mastered within assigned focus area

C. How many facts the student has mastered

D. Student usage over last 7 days

Mastery Growth

The Mastery Growth page provides insights such as:

E. Fact mastery growth from initial assessment to current state

F. Number of active students

G. Median student fact gain

H. Total number of facts students have learned

I. Percentage of sessions that are Fully Charged

The Fact Mastery Growth Over Time

The Fact Mastery Growth Over Time graph provides an overview of student progress over time. The data provided shows their usage, the number of mastered facts gained, and the total number of facts mastered starting from 8/15/22.

To access more specific data, you have the option to narrow down the results displayed by using the calendar icon or by directly inputting a specific date.

You can hover over any of the bars within the graph to get more in-depth insights related to a specific date.


  • Both the Overview and Mastery Growth pages can be filtered by any student group(s) you have under your account.

  • Fully Charged sessions are indicated for students, in-game, by a fully charged helicopter. This happens when a student has answered 100 facts correctly within a daily session. To maximize fact mastery growth, a student should have 3 fully charged sessions per week.

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