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Fact Mastery Reports - Individual Performance
Fact Mastery Reports - Individual Performance

Viewing Math Basecamp Performance and Usage Data for Individual Students.

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Performance Data

To view individual student performance, navigate to the Math Basecamp section within the navigation menu.

Select the Math Fact Mastery option, then from the dropdown menu, click on Student Reports.

On this page, select the student's name for whom you want to see performance data. After selecting an individual student, progress results will appear within the displayed Fact Family Pyramid.

Color indicators within the pyramid showcase if a student has Mastered, Not Mastered, or is Unassessed in a particular fact family.

In addition to viewing a student's performance via the Fact Family Pyramid, you also have the option to select any of the individual operation tabs to view data tables that outline student performance within each operation separately.

Usage Data

If you would like to track and monitor how often or for how long individual students are utilizing Math Basecamp, you can access Math Basecamp Usage Data.

To access Math Basecamp Usage Data for individual students, from your navigation menu, click on the Math Fact Mastery option, then select Student Reports.

On the next screen that appears, select the student for whom you would like to see data. Then, click the Usage tab.

On the Usage page, you will see a graph displaying data from 8/15/22 through today's date.

You can click on the calendar to adjust the dates that the Usage Data displays.

In the graph shown, you will see the total number of minutes a student has played and the number of facts mastered for each date. Additionally, you can hover over any of the bars on the graph to get a breakdown of how long students have spent within the Assess, Establish, and Practice portions of Math Basecamp each day.

Below is a breakdown of the data that is displayed

Assess: The Assess time displayed includes the time students have spent on their initial daily fact fluency assessment.

Establish: The Establish data displayed shows the amount of time students have spent within the Activate, Recall, and Establish phases.

Practice: The Practice data that is displayed shows the amount of time students spent playing fact mastery games that focus on mastered facts and improving their retrieval time.

Facts Mastered: Indicates the number of new math facts a student successfully mastered during their session that day.

Fully Charged: Helicopter icons are used to represent Fully Charged sessions. Fully Charged sessions indicate that your student has answered at least 100 facts correctly during their Math Basecamp session.

BEST PRACTICE TIP: Students should play 3 or more fully charged sessions per week to maximize their math fact mastery growth.

NOTE: A student having a Fully Charged session does not indicate that a student has mastered any new math facts for the day.

To gather more information about the usage data displayed, click on the option Learn More About the Phases.

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