Before assigning a focus area, you will need to add students to your Legends of Learning account.

In order to give students access to Math Basecamp, you first need to assign a focus area to students. Focus areas consist of operations--addition & subtraction (A&S) or multiplication & division (M&D) -- and the range of fact families that you want students to master. Your options include A&S with addends from 0-9 or 0-10 and related subtraction facts, and M&D with factors from 0-9, 0-10, or 0-12 and related division facts.

To assign a Focus Area for students, select Math Fact Mastery from the navigation menu located on the left-hand side of your account. Then from the drop down menu select Assign Focus Area.

Once on the Focus Area page, you can search for students by Name, Filter by group, and sort by First or Last Name.

Then select the fact family area you would like your student(s) to focus on.

To assign the same Focus Area for multiple students, select the students for which you would like to assign the same Focus Area. After selecting your students, choose the focus area for the selected students.

Important Notes:

  • Focus Areas are assigned to individual students.

  • You can assign all students in a group the same focus area by filtering the list by student groups and selecting all students in the group.

  • Focus areas can always be changed or reassigned at your discretion.

  • Basecamp will always teach BOTH A&S or M&D together. The option to master only one operation at a time is not available.

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