As we continue to build a fun and engaging learning experience for teachers, students, and parents, both inside and outside the classroom, Legends of Learning is making changes to our Learning Game Portal’s basic and premium feature sets. In this article, we will highlight the reasons for these adjustments.

Why the changes?

At Legends of Learning, our goal is to build curriculum-aligned learning experiences that enhance student learning through play. As our offering continues to grow and we better understand our value to teachers, schools, and districts, we want to maintain our reputation as an engaging, rigorous, curriculum-aligned educational toolset on the market, while also continuing legendary first-class support for all of our users.

For these reasons, we are updating our basic account experience to match the value of our ever-growing feature set (examples: more standards-aligned content, game save states, Spanish translation, text-to-speech, etc.). Basic accounts will still have full access to Legends of Learning: Learning Game Portal, but with some common sense limitations, allowing us to focus on providing a stellar experience for both basic and premium teachers, schools, and districts.

What are the exact details?

Premium accounts will gain a few extra perks, and the basic tier users will experience the following adjustments:

Basic Account Changes

  • There will be game play hour limits for assignments based on district size and usage. You will be notified well before you hit any limits.

  • Student data will be limited to one student per report.

  • You may continue to create as many assignments as you wish but total live assignments at one time will be limited to 3.

Premium teacher, school, or district accounts, will have no limits on gameplay hours, live assignments, or performance data and will also have access to all the premium features and support they already enjoy today.

Please reach out to if you would like more information for yourself or your school or district administrator.

Our Continued Support

Changes to our pricing model are decisions that we do not take lightly and we understand these changes may impact your experience in the classroom. If you have any questions about the new feature set for basic users and what is included in premium, please do not hesitate to reach out to our partner success team.

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