Basic Account Play Time Limits
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Basic teacher accounts now have play time limits that are based on your district size and usage. Play time limits apply to math and science games assigned in the Learning Universe. Limits do not apply to Math Basecamp or Awakening.

Play Time Limit Details:

  • A play time limit is the collective number of allowed play time hours that all students in that district can use to play learning games and assessments in a teacher’s assignment. The limit will reset every year on July 1, 00:00 UTC.

  • Once the district’s students hit the district’s play time limit, students may no longer be able to play a teacher’s assignment. Students will still be able to play Awakening regardless if the play time limit has been exceeded.

  • You will be notified once your district’s play time hours are greater than 75% of its play time limit and when the limit is exceeded. When you receive the notification, we suggest requesting a plan from your school or district.

  • If your teacher account is not associated with a district, your teacher account will have it's own allowed play time limit.

  • If you are not assigned to the correct district, please reach out to our Partner Success team to get your district changed. Our team can be reached using the chat feature or by emailing

By upgrading your school, district, or teacher account, your students will have unlimited play time. Learn more about premium account features here!

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