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Awakening Adventure Pass

Awakening Adventure Pass for access to The Wilds

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Do you want to earn more coins, explore a new area of the Town, get access to exclusive clothing options, and engage in more challenging epic battles? Then you need to get an Adventure Pass to explore The Wilds!

In The Wilds, you will have access to all-new avatar clothing that you can purchase to give your avatar a really cool look or switch up your style!

You will also see new characters and beasties that you've never seen before. Don't forget - these exclusive beasties can join your squad after you win a battle and you can show them off to your classmates and friends!

The battles that you decide to join will put you and your besties to the test! Battles in The Wilds help your beasties to level up faster and increase your brain power. Plus, you'll earn more coins from each battle in The Wilds than you would in the School or Town.

With an Adventure Pass, more rewards and more fun awaits!

To get your Adventure Pass, click on the gold Adventure Pass icon and ask your parents/guardians for an Adventure Pass subscription today! Keep an eye on our website for special offers that are available at various times throughout the year. Doing so will help you take advantage of wonderful savings!

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