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Awakening Adventure Pass

Purchasing an Adventure Pass for your child

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Awakening offers even more learning and engagement for students who have an Adventure Pass subscription. With an Adventure Pass, students then have access to The Wilds! The Wilds is an extension of the Awakening Town that not only gives students the same engaging and educational experiences but also allows students to:

  • Engage in more challenging, epic battles while increasing their knowledge!

  • Earn double the coins!

  • Level up their beasties even faster!

  • Access exclusive clothing options to further customize their avatars!

  • See new characters and beasties that they've never seen before to add to their squad!

With an Adventure Pass, more rewards and more fun awaits!

To purchase an Adventure Pass, make sure that your child is logged into Awakening and have them click on the Adventure Pass icon within their account. From there, complete the payment information to give your child exclusive access to The Wilds.

Keep an eye on our website for special offers that are available at various times throughout the year. Doing so will help you take advantage of wonderful savings and deals!


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