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How do I buy clothes for my avatar?
How do I buy clothes for my avatar?
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If you want to get some cool new clothes or accessories for your avatar, there are merchants throughout the town available to help! You will find merchants that sell clothing, hats, and so much more.

Once you have located a merchant, you can view all items in their shop that are available for you to buy and the number of coins needed to purchase the item.

Tap on any item you want to buy, but remember you must have enough coins in your backpack to purchase items! You can always see how many coins you have available in your backpack over to the right of your screen.

Don’t have enough coins to buy the item you want? Keep playing in Awakening to earn more coins!

Click on the 'Buy' button to pay for the item you want.

If you want to wear the item you bought right away, drag the new item from your backpack into the Outfit section.

NOTE: Some things you want to buy might need more than just coins. For certain items, you also need to be at a certain Knowledge Level to buy them.

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