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How do I get to my house in Awakening?
How do I get to my house in Awakening?
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Within the Awakening Town is where you can access your own home! To head to your house to relax or decorate, click on the Map icon located in your navigation menu.

Then click on the 'House' option.

A helicopter will fly you to the front yard of your house! Once you land, follow the path to head into your house.

NOTE: You must be at a Knowledge Level 8 to enter your house.

After reaching your doorstep, select 'OK' to enter your home.

Inside your home, you can rearrange your furniture and add new furniture by clicking on the Edit icon.

Floor grids will show you where you can place and move furniture.

Click on any furniture you wish to move. The selected item can be moved and dragged to another section in your room once highlighted.

You can also rotate any furniture in your house once it is highlighted by clicking on the selected item.

You can add additional furniture that you have purchased in town by clicking on the item in your backpack and dragging it into your room.

NOTE: Once you have more than 42 items in your backpack, you will see furniture in your House Storage. You can drag items from your storage into your backpack, or from your backpack into your storage if needed.

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