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How do I complete a beastie battle?
How do I complete a beastie battle?

How to battle Awakening characters, friends, and classmates

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Beastie battles are the primary way for you to earn coins and to collect and level up your beasties!

To start a beastie battle, find one of the players in the School or Town who has a beastie beside them. These players are always ready for action!

If you are up for the challenge, select 'YES' to begin battling.

You also have the option to select friends from your Friends List or any of your classmates currently active in Awakening! Simply select their name from your Friends List or click on any classmate around you. From there, select the 'Battle' option to send them a battle invite!

Once you have decided to enter into a battle, you will see 4 options for you to choose from on the right of your screen. You will also see your energy bar above your avatar.

  • Battle - Select this option to start battling with your selected beastie.

  • Recharge - Select this option to receive a question & recharge your energy bar.

  • Tag Out - Select this option to choose a different beastie in your squad to battle. Choosing a beastie with more energy and higher levels may help you win the upcoming battle! Beasties in your Squad must have energy in order to tag out.

  • Run Away - Click on this button to end your current battle. Running away will cause you to lose your progress in the battle and you will not earn any coins for the battle.

After selecting the 'Battle' option, pick the first move you want your beastie to make. All of your beastie's available moves will be displayed to the right. You can select between an attack, a blessing, or a curse.

The move you select will be applied to your enemy beastie. You can see how much damage was done to the enemy beastie after any move by reviewing their energy bar, located below their Power Level.

But beware! Each move will require a different amount of energy from your avatar. Each move option will have lightning bolts to indicate its required energy.

If you select a move that requires more energy than you currently have available you will need to select another move OR choose the 'Recharge' option.

If you select the 'Recharge' option be prepared to put your knowledge to the test! A correct answer will give you a full energy recharge to continue your battle.


  • Click on the question mark under the battle moves to get a full breakdown of each battle icon.

  • Moves with a green upward arrow next to them are the moves that will do the most damage to enemy beasties when battling!

Defeated beasties will be drained of all their energy.

If your opponent has more than one beastie, you will continue battling additional enemy beasties until you win the entire battle, or until all of your beasties are drained of energy.

At the end of each battle, a battle summary page will then appear, showing you stats for each of the beasties who participated in your battle.

Remember: You can choose to Run Away from a battle at any time. However, coins and beasties will not be earned for any battles that you run away from.

You will be rewarded with coins after each battle you win!

You may even Level Up!

Sometimes, your opponents will be so impressed by your skills that they will want to give you a beastie egg as a gift!


  • Pay attention to your opponents squad! Each beastie and move has a special type, and some types are stronger than others! Make sure you use moves that will produce the most damage for the enemy beastie based on type.

  • The farther out you explore, the more difficult the battlers will become! You’ll need to train and level up your Beasties to beat opponents.

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