If you’ve spent time wandering through Awakening, you probably noticed wild beasties roaming around. These cool creatures can join your squad...once you’ve managed to tame them!

Battle and Taming

If you approach a wild beastie, or they approach you first, you will automatically be challenged to a beastie battle.

When a wild Beastie is successfully defeated in battle, they may decide to join your squad!

Through the help of your beasties, you can progress further in Awakening and build a stronger squad.


  • Each beastie and move has a special Essence, and some Essences are stronger than others! Make sure you use moves that will produce the most damage for the enemy beastie based on Essence.

  • Remember to visit one of the doctors in the School or Town after each battle so they can reenergize your Squad!

  • The farther out you explore, the more difficult the battlers will become! You’ll need to train and level up your Beasties to beat opponents.

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