Beastie Types

Beastie types and strengths

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Our Beasties are changing -- they're now reorganized into 7 types!

Each beastie type has the skills needed to defeat 2 other beastie types.

  • Fire - Fire beasties best perform against Plant & Critters

  • Earth - Best to battle against Electric & Spectral

  • Electric - Electric beasties can defeat Wind & Spectral

  • Wind - Best to battle against Fire & Critter

  • Plant - Plant beasties perform best against Electric & Earth

  • Critter - Your Critters best defeat Plant & Earth beasties

  • Spectral - Best to battle against Fire & Wind

Keep an eye on your opponent's squad type! Make sure you use moves that will produce the most damage for the enemy beastie based on type. You may even want to swap out beasties on your squad.

Beastie Stats have also been simplified to Health, Speed, Power, and Defense.

During beastie battles click the question mark icon to access more information about what moves you can use to defeat your opponent!

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