Riding Beasties

How do I ride my Beasties?

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Purchase an Adventure Pass and get ready to explore Awakening in style by riding your favorite Beastie!

To get started with riding your beasties, click the Paw icon in your toolbar at the top right.

From there, select your favorite Beastie & click the ride option.

Customize your ride by selecting a Trail option. Once you have made your selection click OK then the X in the top right corner.

Take off and explore the Awakening world on your new ride!

Ready to change Beasties or go back to walking? Click on the Paw icon in your toolbar.

Then, select your current Beastie & click on the Stop Riding button.


  • Riding Beasties will still drain your Avatar's Energy Level. Be prepared to answer a question to recharge and keep riding!

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