Legends of Learning runs on the following computers and devices:

  • Nearly all laptops and desktops running Windows or Mac OS

  • Most standard browsers (including Microsoft Edge, but not Internet Explorer). Chrome is the preferred browser for best experience.

  • Chromebooks - minimum 4GB RAM, with an Intel Celeron or Core processor.

  • iPad compatibility:

    • Learning Universe is compatible on the iPad 6th Gen (Released in 2018) or newer or iPad Pro.

    • Math Basecamp is not compatible on iPads.

    • An iPad app can be downloaded to play Awakening on iPads.

    • For more information on iPad compatibility click here.

  • For iPad users: WebGL 2.0 Should be turned off on the iPad. Most iPads will have WebGL 2.0 on by default and this will likely hinder game performance. How to turn WebGL 2.0 off:

    • Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental Features -> Scroll down and turn off "WebGL 2.0"

Legends of Learning is not compatible with the following devices (non-exhaustive list):

  • Chromebooks using MediaTek (or other) processors that are not Intel Celeron or Core processors.

  • Legends of Learning Awakening and Math Basecamp are NOT compatible on Safari.

  • Android Tablets (unless the app is downloaded for independent play)

  • Android Devices (unless the app is downloaded for independent play)

  • Kindle

  • Kindle Fire

  • iPhones (unless the app is downloaded for Awakening play)

  • iPad Air 2 and below (includes iPad 1, 2, 3,4, Air, and mini)

  • Any device with less than 2GB of internal memory (RAM)

When requesting assistance from our Help Desk, it helps us to know what system you're using. Here's how to find this information for various platforms, browsers, and devices:
 PC (Windows) desktop or laptop

  1. Right-click on the "Start" button at the lower left corner of the desktop.

  2. Choose the "System" option.

  3. Note the version of Windows, the processor name, and installed memory (RAM).

 Apple Mac desktop or laptop

  1. Click the Apple icon at the top left corner of the desktop

  2. Choose "About this Mac."

  3. Note the OS version, computer model name, processor, and memory

 Chrome browser

  1. Click the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the browser window.

  2. Choose "Settings."

  3. Choose "About Chrome" from the options on the left.

  4. Note the version number.

Internet Explorer browser: Not supported - is not compatible with Unity-based games
 Microsoft Edge browser

  1. Click the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the browser window.

  2. Choose "Settings."

  3. Scroll down to the "About" section toward the bottom.

  4. Note the version number.

 Firefox browser

  1. Click the three-line icon at the top right corner of the browser window.

  2. Click the question-mark icon at the bottom of the menu that opens.

  3. Choose "About Firefox."

  4. Note the version number.

 Safari browser

NOTE: Legends of Learning Awakening is NOT compatible on Safari

  1. From the Safari menu, choose "Safari / About Safari."

  2. Note the version number.


  1. In the Chrome browser window, enter chrome://system.

  2. Note the version of Chrome, the CPU, and "meminfo."


  1. Open Settings / General / About.

  2. Note the version.

  3. You can also find the model ID (also in the General / About menu). Entering this ID in a Google search will produce the model name. For more information, go to https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201471

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