To remove students from your class list, first click Students & Groups on your left navigation menu. Then, select Students.

If you would like to remove multiple students from your list at once, click the check box on the top left of your student list. This will select all students on the current page of your student list.

Unselect any students you do not wish to remove, if needed.

Next, click the three dots and then select the Trash Can icon.

A confirmation will appear. Click 'DELETE' to delete all selected students. 

Repeat as needed for each additional page of your student list. 


  • To more efficiently remove all students, you can set each page of your student list to display more rows using the display dropdown on the bottom right of your student list.

  • If you need to bulk remove students from a particular group or from a particular co-teacher, first filter your student list by group or teacher, then perform the bulk delete steps mentioned above.

  • You may un-select students before completing the bulk delete by removing the check next to the student name. This will ensure the student is not removed from your list.

  • To remove only a few students at once, select the students you want to remove by clicking the check box next to their name. Once all students you wish to remove are selected, follow the steps mentioned above. 

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