When students attempt to join your assignment and receive the following message(s), follow the steps below.

STEP 1 : Check that you have a Live assignment

Click the My Assignments tab in Legends. 

If there are assignments listed on this screen, proceed to Step 2. If there are no assignments listed on your Assignments page, please create and assign an assignment for students.

STEP 2: Check if your assignment is assigned to a group 

In the ASSIGNED TO column of your assignment list, you can see if you have assigned assignments to groups. 

Only students tagged to the assigned group will be able to access the assignment. Any student signing in with a username not tagged to the assigned group will not be able to access the assignment.

If you have assigned an assignment to a group, navigate to the Students page and ensure that students that are receiving the 'no assignment' or 'not in group' message are properly tagged to the group for which you have assigned the assignment.

STEP 3: Ensure students are using the correct username

Ensure students are signing in with the username associated with the student account that is tagged to the appropriate group.

If students create a new account when logging in, rather than using an existing username, they may not be properly tagged to the group as discussed in step 2. 

STEP 4: Ensure students are entering your exact Teacher Code

Your Teacher Code can be found at the top right of your Legends of Learning account.

If students enter the incorrect Teacher Code, they will not see the assignment that you have live.

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