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How to assign Legends of Learning to Google Classroom

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In order to send Legends of Learning assignments to Google Classroom, you must have done the following:

Once your assignment is Live or Scheduled, you can send it directly to Google Classroom for students to access. You can do this from your Live Assignment page, or from your Assignments list.

To start, click Assignments on the left navigation menu. You will be taken to the List View of your assignments. (You can also perform the same functions from the Calendar view).

Find the Live or Scheduled assignment for which you would like to send to Google Classroom. Hover over the three dots to the far right of the assignment and select Send Link to LMS/Send Link to Google Classroom.

In the window that appears, select Google Classroom. You may be prompted to sign in to your Google Classroom account if you are not already logged in.

Next, confirm the groups that will receive the assignment in Google Classroom.

  • If any groups are missing, exit the window and edit the assignment using the purple edit icon to add any additional Google Classroom groups that should receive the assignment.

  • If your assignment is not assigned to your Google Classroom groups, you will be prompted to select the group(s) before proceeding.

Click the Send to Google Classroom button.

A confirmation window will appear confirming that the assignment has been posted to Google Classroom.

The window also provides important information about managing your assignment in Google Classroom, including:

  • If you end or delete this assignment in Legends of Learning, you must do the same in Google Classroom.

  • To send student progress or question scores to your Google Classroom grade book, use the “Send Scores to LMS/ Send Scores to Google Classroom” button.

Click Got it to close the window.

Your students can now click the assignment from Google Classroom in order to play!

Interested in sending grades to your Google Classroom grade book? See this article for more information.

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