Importing Students from Google Classroom

How to import your class lists from Google Classroom

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To import students into Legends of Learning from your Google Classroom account, first click Students & Groups on the left navigation menu. Then, click the Students option.

From your Students page, click the Import Students button and select Google Classroom.

In the window that appears, click Continue.

Select the Google account for which your Google Classroom is associated. You may be asked to enter your Google credentials in order to link your Google Classroom account to Legends of Learning.

Select the classes that you would like to import to Legends of Learning and click Continue.

Confirm the courses you would like to import, then click Import.

If all classes were imported successfully, you will receive a confirmation window, click Done. Students will appear in your Legends of Learning Student list, tagged to their assigned Google Classroom classes.

If there are any errors in importing student accounts, you will receive a confirmation window stating which student accounts could not be imported.

For questions about student import errors, please take a screenshot of the confirmation window and email the image to

For additional Google Classroom troubleshooting help, see this article.

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