After signing up for a parent account, the first step is to add a child to your account.

To start, click the + Add Child button in the middle of the screen.

Next, enter your child's username and password for Legends of Learning. If your child signs in using a Google-based email, you can connect their account using the Google button.

NOTE: Your child must have already signed up for a Legends of Learning account before you can connect them to your parent account. If your child does not have an account, they can sign up at by selecting Student.

Click Connect to add the child to your account.

A confirmation window will appear to let you know your child has been added to your account.

You will be able to view topic mastery data for the child(ren) you have connected to your account.

If you need to add additional children to your parent account, select the drop-down next to your child's name and click Add Child. You will then be asked to enter their username and password as mentioned above.

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