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How to add a child to your parent account

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After signing up for a parent account, the first step is to add your child's details to your account.

You can also connect a child to your account at any time using the New Child Account button from the navigation menu.

Creating a New Child Account

To get started with creating a new child account, click on the 'Create' button.

Enter your child's name along with their state and current grade level. The information you provide when entering your child's details ensures that your child receives the appropriate educational content within Awakening.

After completing the necessary fields, click the Add Child button.

A confirmation page will display the specific login credentials that have been generated for your child.

You can copy the Awakening easy-access link and share it with your child. You can also print out the login details by selecting the Print button.

Connecting an Existing Child Account

Use this option if your child already has an existing Legends of Learning student account.

If your child signs in using a Google-based email, you can connect their account using the Google button.

If your child does not use a Google-based email, enter in the username and password for their Legends of Learning student account.

Click Connect to add the child to your account.

A confirmation window will appear to let you know your child has been added to your account. Click Next to Learn all about the exciting benefits of an Awakening Adventure Pass!

Click the option to 'Give Your Child an Adventure Pass' for them to unlock all of the exciting features within Awakening.

Students can still access the basic Awakening features by selecting the option to 'Continue with Limited Access'.

Once your child has been added, you will be able to view topic mastery data for the child(ren) you have connected to your account.

NOTE: You can also view your child(ren's) Math Fact Mastery Data if they have accessed Math Basecamp.

If you need to add additional children to your parent account, click on the '+ New Child Account' option and follow the same steps as above.

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