If you need to restore any students or groups that have been deleted from your account, you can restore them from your Students & Groups tab.

First, click the Students & Groups tab on the left navigation menu.

Restoring Students

Click the Students option in the left navigation menu.

Click Restore Deleted Students.

Select the student(s) you need to restore on your student list. You can search for students by name or by group, if previously tagged to a group in your student list.

  • If restoring one student, click the Restore button in the ACTIONS column.

  • If restoring multiple students, click on the three dots beside the Last Name section. Then, select the checkbox by the names of the students who you want to restore. After selecting all the students you wish to restore, then click the Restore Students button as shown below.

The selected student(s) will re-appear on your student list on your Students page.

To return to your student list, click Back to My Students.

Restoring Groups

Click the Groups option in the left navigation menu.

Click the Restore Deleted Groups button.

For any group you would like to restore, click the restore button next to the group name.

The group(s) will reappear in your list of groups. Any students previously assigned to this group will be re-assigned to the restored group.

To return to your group list, click Back To My Groups.

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