How To Tell If An Assignment Is Complete

How teachers and students can tell when an assignment is complete

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When teachers assign work in Legends of Learning, students are required to complete the activities in the order that the teacher has assigned them. Students MUST complete an activity fully before moving on to the next.

Legends of Learning provides visual cues to students and teachers to verify when students have finished both individual assignment activities and the assignment as a whole.

Teacher View - Home Page

As a teacher, you can see a quick overview of student completion on each assignment in the Active Assignments list. To view individual student progress, click on the blue "Assignment Progress" button.

Teacher View - Assignment Data Page

As a teacher, you can monitor student progress and performance at any time on the Student Data page.

For each student, you can track their completion of each assignment activity using the purple progress bars under each activity.

Additionally, when students have completed the full assignment, you will receive a Completed Date, and their progress will show as 100%.

Student View - Mini Game Completion

When students complete a mini game, they will receive a Victory message as seen below, and will earn Brain Power for completing the game.

Students will also be asked to provide a star rating for the game when they have completed the game fully.

NOTE: If your students do not see the visual indicators similar to those shown below, they have NOT fully completed the game.

Student View - Assessment Completion

When students complete an assessment, they will receive an 'Assessment Complete' message as seen below. They will also see how they scored on their assignment and be able to review their answers.

NOTE: If your students do not see a visual indicator similar to the one shown below, they have NOT fully completed the assessment.

Student View - Assignment Completion

When students complete your entire assignment, students will then be rewarded with coins and they will also receive an "You're all done with your assignment!" message as seen below. From there, students have the option to begin Awakening or to go back to complete additional teacher assignments.

NOTE: If your students do not see the visual indicator shown below, they have NOT fully completed the assignment.

NOTE: When students sign out of Legends of Learning and then sign back in, they will pick up at the beginning of the game they were most recently playing.

For example, let's say you assigned two games. A student signs in and completes Game 1 and begins Game 2, then signs out. The next time that student joins, they will start at the beginning of Game 2 unless the game is one of our games that saves student progress. For more information on games that save student progress, please review this article.

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