Student performance data is available for schools or districts that have purchased a premium license to our Learning Universe platform. For more information on school and district licenses, click here.

After you assign activities to your students, you can track the progress and performance of each student who begins the assignment. You can view progress in real time while students are playing the games, or you can view results for a completed assignment after it has ended.
 Viewing Student Results (Real-Time)
To track student progress for a Live assignment, scroll to the bottom of the home screen of your Legends account to view Active Assignments.

You can find additional Active Assignments by clicking on the See All button.

Next, click the blue button furthest to the right of the assignment you want to view, labeled Assignment Progress. This will direct you to the Student Data page to view student progress and performance.

On the Student Data page, the Activities bar provides a snapshot of the activities that you have assigned. Hover over each activity for a quick overview of the activity and the standard from which it is assigned.

Below the Activities bar, you will find the Student Table, which provides progress and performance data for each student that begins your assignment.

For each student that started your assignment, you will see an image of the student's avatar, the student's name, as well as their superhero name.

You will also see a status indicator next to their avatar image. There will be one of three icons for each student:

  • Green Triangle - The student is actively playing in the assignment.

  • Red Octagon - The student is not actively playing. They have either opened a separate tab on their web browser, or they are sitting idle in the assignment.

  • Grey Circle - The student status is unknown. Likely the student has signed out of the assignment.

The Student Data Table on this page will show you which activities the student has started in the assignment and their progress through each activity. The purple progress bar under each activity will indicate how far a student has progressed within the particular activity.

  • You can hover over each activity to see an overview of student stats for the activity, including playtime on each individual activity in the assignment.

The Student Table will also indicate the Start date, Completion date, and overall Playtime for the assignment.

The purple Progress Wheel, will indicate the completion percentage for the entire assignment.

IMPORTANT: This does not indicate student grades.

You will see three buttons for each student that has started the assignment:

  • The Restart button allows you to force students to restart the assignment. This will clear all student data, and they will be placed back at the beginning of the assignment to go through all the activities again.

  • The Skip button allows you to skip students to the next activity in your assignment. You can skip students multiple times if needed for any reason you find necessary.

  • The Student Data button will provide a report of individual student performance on each question, as well as a grade for each assessment or Quiz Game in the assignment.

Overall class performance can be viewed for all students who have started the assignment by using the Question Results button at the top right of the Student Table.

The assignment report will provide you with an overall grade on the assignment, what percent of your class got each question correct, as well as grades for each assessment or Quiz Game in the assignment.

For every question answered, you can get a breakdown of student responses by clicking the expand arrow to the left of the question.

This report can be filtered to show certain groups, or you can search for individual students by name.

At the top of the Student Data page, there are a few additional buttons that are useful for managing the assignment.

The Pause button will freeze students' screens to temporarily remove access to an assignment. This is a great feature if you need to get students' attention in the middle of class.

The End button will stop the assignment completely for students. You are able to Restart the assignment if needed.

The Try button allows you to experience the assignment as one of your students.

The Student Instructions button will provide directions for how students can log in to complete the assignment. You can choose how you would like students to access the assignment from the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, you can assign this to students directly in Google Classroom using the Send Link to LMS/Google Classroom button.

The Edit Assignment button allows you to change the name of the assignment as well as the dates that the assignment is available.

Viewing Student Results for a Completed Assignment

To view student results for a completed assignment, navigate to the My Assignments tab.

From your Assignments page, search for the assignment you wish to view data for. You can do this by searching by assignment name or filtering to show assignments with a COMPLETED status.

Next, click the View Class Progress icon for the assignment for which you would like to view student progress and performance. Selecting this button redirects you to the Student Data page.

For any Completed assignment, student performance data will be displayed on the Student Data page the same way it is displayed for Live assignments (as previously outlined above).

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