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Teachers: Trying Assignments as a Student
Teachers: Trying Assignments as a Student

How teachers can play through an assignment from the student view and create a teacher avatar!

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After a Legends of Learning assignment is Live, teachers can play through the assignment to experience it as a student.

BONUS: You get to create your very own teacher avatar when you click on the picture icon (in the upper right-hand corner of your account) or after playing through an assignment as a student!

To experience the assignment as a student, first, go to your Live Assignments list at the bottom of the home page. Then click on the Assignment Progress button.

  • If you do not see any assignments listed at the bottom left of your screen, this means you do not have an assignment Live for students. Please create and assign an assignment in order to view it as a student.

  • The assignment cannot be assigned to groups if you want to play it as a student. Please be sure the assignment is open to All Students using the Edit Assignment button.

  • The assignment must be Live in order to play it as a student. If it is scheduled to open on a future date, you will need to adjust the dates in order to try the assignment using the Edit Assignment button.

Once you are on the Student Data Page, click the purple Try button.

The window that appears will provide you with some key information before proceeding. Click Play Assignment to continue.

The student experience will open in a new tab.

Once you complete the assignment, you will have access to Awakening, where you can create your teacher avatar!

After creating your teacher avatar, you will have the option to continue learning and exploring in Awakening just as your students would!

As you play, you will see yourself appear as a student on the Student Data page, and you can track your own progress and performance.

To exit the student view, simply close the tab.

NOTE: Signing out of Legends of Learning from the student view will also sign you out of your teacher account.

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