How to Send Game Links to Students

How to send your students a link to play a specific game

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You've searched through Legends of Learning for the perfect game for your students to play and you've found it! What now?

Easily send your students a link to play the game in Legends of Learning with just a few clicks!

From the Home page in Legends of Learning, search for the topic, game name, or key vocabulary in the search bar.

Explore through the populated results to find the game you want students to play and click the game tile.

NOTE: You can try any of the games prior to sending game links to your students by simply clicking on the purple Try Game button after clicking the game tile.

Click the Get Link to Game button on the window that appears.

Copy the link URL provided and send it to students!


  • This link will create an active assignment in your account that will remain open for one week. You can edit the end date of any active assignment by going to your Assignments page.

  • You can monitor student progress and performance within this game from our Student Data page.

  • Data for each game will vary based on the type of game assigned. See this article on game types for an overview of the data provided.

  • Students will need to Sign Up or Sign In to Legends of Learning in order to access this game.

  • If you want to add additional games and/or quizzes for students to play along with this game, click the 'Create Assignment' button to create an assignment of multiple games and assessments.

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