Importing Students from Canvas

How to import your students and courses from Canvas

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NOTE: Canvas student import is available for our partner schools and districts that have installed the Canvas API with Legends of Learning. For more information on Canvas integration, please email

Before attempting to import students from Canvas into your Legends of Learning account, please make sure that your course(s) are published within Canvas!

To import your students from Canvas, click Students & Groups on the left navigation menu, then select Students.

Click the Import Students button.

In the window that appears, select Canvas. You may be prompted to sign in to your Canvas account if you are not already logged in.

Select which course(s) you would like to import, then click Continue.

Confirm the course(s) you have selected, then click Import.

The window that appears will confirm that students have been imported successfully. If any students were not imported, an error will be listed along with reason why they could not be imported.

  • Click Chat With Us for assistance with any student import errors

  • Click Done to close the window.

You will now see the students listed on your Students page with their names, usernames, and course(s).

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