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Adding Teacher-Created Assessment Questions
Adding Teacher-Created Assessment Questions

How to add your own questions to Legends of Learning assessments

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Teachers can create their own assessments and add them into Legends of Learning assignments using the My Assessments feature.

To begin, click My Assessments in the left navigation menu.

Click + Create Assessment to add a new assessment pack.

Give the assessment a name and then click the Create & Add Questions button.

You have two options for adding assessment questions:

  • Create individual questions

  • Import questions using a spreadsheet

Creating Individual Questions

Click + Create a new question

Type in your question along with the possible answer choices. You must provide at least two answer choices, and can add as many as four answer choices.

Click the check mark next to the answer choice to indicate the correct answer. A preview of the question will appear on the right side of the window.

To include images in any of your created assessment questions, simply click the β€œImage” button to upload an image when creating your assessment questions for students. For more information on how to add images, check out this article.

Click Create to add this question to your assessment.

Continue adding new questions to your assessment as needed.

Importing Questions Via Spreadsheet

Click Import from a spreadsheet.

Download the template provided by Legends of Learning and open the template on your computer.

Line 2 provides a sample of how your question must be formatted for import.

  • Column A - Type your question

  • Columns B through E - Type your answer choices. You must provide at least two answer choices, and can add as many as four answer choices.

  • Column F - Indicate the correct answer with a numerical value (1 through 4).

Complete the spreadsheet with any questions you would like to import.

NOTE: Delete Row 2 before uploading the file to Legends of Learning.

Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Import the CSV file to Legends of Learning by dragging the file into the modal window or clicking the 'select a file' option.

A window will appear confirming how many questions have been imported successfully into Legends of Learning. Click OK to continue.

When all questions have been added, click the pencil icon next to Topics in order to indicate the topic(s) for which this assessment is aligned. This step is required in order to use your assessment.

Search for topics and select any that apply.

Click Save.

Your assessment is now ready to be added to an assignment! Head back to your My Assessments page and click +Add to New Assignment in order to add this assessment to an assignment.

From here, add games to the assignment, or click the Assign button to make this assignment with your assessment live for students!

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