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Awakening for Students: Glossary and Tips
Awakening for Students: Glossary and Tips

Learn about beasties, avatar customization, and more!

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Coins, avatars, eggs, beasties, oh my! Here is a list of any Awakening-related terms and what they mean to help you get the most out of your Awakening experience.

Backpack Icon - This allows you to change your avatar, see how many coins you have collected, and store all purchased items such as accessories, dance moves, and furniture. You can edit your avatar's name via your backpack as well.

Squad - These are the five besties that you will use in your battles. If you have collected more than 5 beasties, you can always change or remove the beasties in your squad.

Battle - Battles serve as an educational component within Awakening. When you are playing Awakening independently outside of teacher assignments, you will encounter questions based on your grade level and the subject area you have chosen in your account.


During the battle, you have the following options:

  • Battle - Pick a move and then a question will appear shortly afterward. If answered correctly, the move selected will hit your opponent. If answered incorrectly, the move selected will miss the opponent.

  • Tag Out - This allows you to select another beastie to battle.

  • Run Away - Allows you to end the battle.

Beastie - Beasties are creatures that you will use in battles. Beasties can be found roaming around, and they are hatched from different types of eggs. Once you have collected beasties, you can click on the Paw icon in your navigation menu in order to view them.

Eggs - Eggs contain new beasties that can be added to your squad. There are 4 different types of eggs within Awakening that you can collect. Eggs must be hatched to be added to your squad. Eggs can be gifted to you by opponents, and you can find eggs while exploring within Awakening after getting your first Starter Egg.

Nest - A nest is where you place your eggs to help your beasties develop so that you can hatch them. Nests are located within the Awakening School and outside your home within the Awakening Town.

Essence - This refers to the special qualities of an avatar or a battle move. Remember that certain essences are stronger than others.

Coins - You may earn coins at the end of a battle, when you complete different tasks in Awakening, and when you purchase an Adventure Pass. For more information on how to earn coins, click here.

XP- Experience Points - Experience Points can be used to level up your beastie's moves and help them get more powerful.

Gondola - This cable car transports you back and forth between the Awakening School and the Town.

Achievements - This is the list of rewards that you can earn or have earned by completing certain tasks within Awakening.

Map Icon - This allows you to travel to different areas including the Town, the Arcade Room, The Wilds, and your House.

Arcade Room - You will be able to access mini-games in this location. The games you see in the arcade room are based on your selected subject and the grade level in your account.

Friends Icon - This allows you to see all the friends on your Friends List, your Friend Code, and any alerts sent from other players who want to become friends. Click here to learn more.

Friends List - Your Friend List consists of friends you have added or friends that have added you that you can play with and visit within Awakening.

Paw Icon - This allows you to see all the beasties you have collected.

Smiley Face Icon - This lets you show off your cool moves. New dance moves can be purchased in the Town by the Town's stage.

AP Wing Icon - This allows you to access The Wilds by subscribing to an Adventure Pass.

The Salon - Navigate to this location to change your avatar's facial features and hairstyle.

The Town - This is where you go after school hours to have fun and battle computer avatars. In this location, you can find more beasties and beastie eggs and learn along the way!

The Quizzler - refers to The Quizzer Game Show which can be played in the School and the Town. If you play, you win really cool prizes.

Beastly Pizza - refers to the Beastly Pizza Truck game that you can play with a team of 3 or more players to collect ingredients to build a delicious pizza for one of your beasties.

The Wilds - The Wilds is an area outside the Town that allows you to interact with more people and collect more beasties. An Adventure Pass will need to be purchased to access this.


  • Awakening is available via the Apple Store and Google Play Store!

  • The Awakening school is available between the hours of 7 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday local time.

  • The Awakening Town is available after 3 PM local time Monday through Friday and on the weekends.

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