After you have created a teacher avatar, you'll need to make your way to Awakening in order to make any changes.

To do so, click your teacher avatar at the top right of your Legends of Learning account.

Then, click the 'Launch Awakening button.

After entering Awakening, you will need to go to the Salon in order to make changes to the physical characteristics of your avatar. The Salon is located to the southwest of the Town square.

Once you've entered, you can then make changes to your avatar's physical features.

You will be able to click on the Backpack icon in order to update your avatar's name. In addition, you can purchase clothing from different vendors around the Town. After doing so, you can click on the Backpack icon in order to use the clothing purchased on your avatar.

Teacher Avatars are a great way to express your individuality while in the town, just like your students! Stay tuned for more awesomeness as we work to enhance this feature!

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