Along with games and assessments, teachers can also add videos to assignments using Vimeo or YouTube links!

From your Assignment Builder page, there are two ways to add videos to your assignment.

You can either select the Plus Sign within the Activities Bar and then select Video.


Simply select the + Video button located above the Activities Bar.

Once either option has been selected, you can then paste in a video link from YouTube or Vimeo.

Please Note: If adding in a YouTube Video, a slider will appear which will give you more control over your selected video start and end time for students.

Finally, click the Add Video Activity button to get your selected video added into your assignment.

You will then see the video within your Activities Bar.

When students start an assignment containing a video, the video will show up as an activity within the assignment as shown below.

Students will not be able to go to the next activity until a span of time equal to the video’s length, as set by you, has passed.

Students can then progress to the next activity by using the Next button that will appear above the video.


If YouTube or Vimeo is blocked by the network the student is using, if the video has been deleted, or if for any reason the video cannot load, the student will be notified and will be able to skip the activity. Teachers are also notified in the Live Assignment view that the video would not load for the student and that the video activity was skipped.

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