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Where do students go to play Math Basecamp?
Where do students go to play Math Basecamp?
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Once you have assigned students a focus area, it’s easy for students to jump into Math Basecamp!

  1. Have students navigate to: to log in.

  2. Next, students will enter your Teacher Code and select the + to add it.

NOTE: Students who have accessed your content previously will bypass this step and be taken directly to Step 3 below.

3. Students will then select the Start option to launch the Basecamp content you have assigned to them.

Students can also simply select the Basecamp icon located towards the right of the Activity page.

NOTE: If you have any Live assignments that you have created for students within the Learning Universe and your students accidentally select your teacher code under the Play Teacher Assignments section, students will still see the option to start their assigned Basecamp content.

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