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What is the Quizzler Awakening Game Show?
What is the Quizzler Awakening Game Show?
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Test your knowledge and luck against the Quizzler and other players in this new nail-biting game show! You must answer Questions and Luck Rounds correctly in the game show to win cool prizes!

You’ll find the Quizzler in the Town Square and in the Awakening School Lobby.

To get started, approach the target and speak with the Quizzler.

Click YES to be launched into the game show.

You can play as a single player by entering the game show and selecting 'Play Alone', or you can wait for other players to join for an exciting multi-player experience.

If a multi-player show is about to start, you will see the number of players who have entered the game show so far. Under the number of players, you will see a countdown bar that will show you how much time you and other players have left to join the game show before it starts.

Once in the game show, you will see all the players who are in the show with you. In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you will see the names of all the players you are playing against. At the top of the screen, you will see a countdown bar that shows how much time is left for other players to join before the game starts.

Once there is no more time left to join, you and the other contestants get your first question to answer.

Multiplayer Mode: Quickly answer the questions correctly before the timer runs out! A timer is displayed below the 'Submit' button letting you know how much time you have left to answer the question.

Play Alone Mode: Unlimited time is provided to answer the question(s) in play alone mode.

After entering or selecting an answer choice and submitting your answer, your avatar will automatically be placed on one of the following letters: A, B, C, or D.

The Quizzler will then announce the correct answer.

If you have answered incorrectly, your avatar will be dropped from the game.

If you have answered correctly, you will be given the opportunity to keep playing to move on to the next round or quit the show.

  • Multi-player Mode: Quickly make a selection before the next round starts! The countdown bar located below the 'Keep Playing' option, will show you how much time you have left to make your selection.

After each round, a window will appear that displays the following information:

  • The round number you've just completed

  • The number of coins you have won

  • How many rounds you have left

  • The type of rounds left

  • How many coins you can win if you beat each round

There are two types of rounds within the game show, there are Question Rounds and Luck Rounds. Question Rounds will have Question Mark icons while the Luck Rounds will have Playing Dice icons.

In the Question Rounds, you will answer a question. The question you answer will be related to your grade level and the subject you have selected in your account.

In the Luck Rounds, you must test your luck and select one of the letters.

If the spinner doesn't land on your chosen letter, then you can continue playing in the game show.

If the spinner lands on your letter, you are dropped from the game show and eliminated!

Beat all 10 rounds to win the maximum prize!


  • Up to 30 contestants can play in one Quizzler Game Show at a time.

  • You can compete in the Quizzler Game Show as many times as you want!

  • Playing in the Quizzler Game Show helps you earn more Knowledge Points. Knowledge Points are used to level up your avatar and unlock even more exclusive features!

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