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What are Awakening Knowledge Levels?
What are Awakening Knowledge Levels?
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Awakening Knowledge Levels are levels that you earn as you play different learning activities within the Awakening School and Town. You can earn Knowledge Points to level up your player and unlock new items, areas, and titles!

Your current Knowledge Level is displayed in the upper left-hand corner of your account in Awakening. As you complete different activities in Awakening, you will see your Knowledge Level badge begin to fill up. Activities that earn Knowledge Points include:

  • Beastie battles

  • Mini-games

  • Quizzler game show

  • Other learning activities offered in the School or Town

Once the badge is full, you will level up to the next available Knowledge Level!

You can click on your Knowledge Level badge to get more information about your current level, title, and how to earn more Knowledge Points to level up.

Leveling up will unlock exclusive features, including:

  • Avatar gear

  • Dance moves

  • Titles

  • Your House (Level 8 and above)

  • Other areas of Awakening

With a basic account, you can unlock a maximum of 10 Knowledge Levels.

Want to continue leveling up past a Level 10 to unlock even more exclusive features? Ask your parent or guardian for an Awakening Adventure Pass subscription!

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