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Math Fact Mastery Reports
Math Fact Mastery Reports

Viewing Your Child's Math Basecamp Performance

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Are you a parent or guardian interested in viewing your child's Math Basecamp (Math Fact Mastery) performance data? You can easily access this information using your parent account.

NOTE: Math Fact Mastery reports are not available for all students. You are able to view these reports if:

  • You have purchased an Adventure Pass for your child and assigned them a focus area from your parent account.

  • Your child's school has purchased a subscription to Math Basecamp.

First, click your child's name from the the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

After selecting your child's name, select the Math Fact Mastery option from the dropdown menu.

From the data page displayed, you can view progress results within the Addition and Subtraction Fact Family Pyramid OR the Multiplication and Division Fact Family Pyramid.

To the left of the pyramid, there are color indicators that inform you of your child's math fact mastery. The fact family pyramid will indicate if your child has Mastered, Not Mastered, or Not Answered any facts in a particular fact family.

In addition to viewing your child's performance via the Fact Family Pyramid, you can also select any of the individual operations to view your child's performance on individual facts within the selected operation.

Our Math Fact Mastery reports will allow you to support your child's learning and help them set goals to improve their math skills. By monitoring their Math Basecamp performance, you can help your child succeed in math and develop a lifelong love of learning!

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