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Awakening Town Access During the School Day
Awakening Town Access During the School Day

How to let your child access the Awakening Town during school hours.

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During weekdays from 7 AM to 3 PM, students are taken to the Awakening School when they enter Awakening. By default, students are unable to access Awakening Town during these hours.

You are able to turn access on for Awakening Town during school hours in your Parent Portal.


Please be sure to connect your child to your Portal Portal before following the steps below.

Once you sign into your Parent Portal, click on the name of your child in the left navigation menu. Then, select Edit Account.

Click into the section titled Allow Awakening Home and Town Access During School Hours. By default, it is set to "No."

Select Yes.

Finally, select Save Changes.

Your child will now have the option to navigate into Awakening Town during school hours!


  • Teachers are able to access the same setting for students in their account.

  • If a teacher has switched their settings to "Yes," your child will be able to access the Awakening Town even if your settings say "No" if they have just completed an assignment or are completing assigned Focus Areas.

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