Within Legends of Learning, you can search for games by game name, topic name, or key vocabulary.

To begin your search, click the search bar on the home page and use the search box to type the game name, topic/standard name, or key vocabulary word.

If you are on another page on the site, you will be able to use the search box located at the top of the page, next to your name and teacher code.

After searching, you will see a list of games and topics available that relate to your search term.

Use any of the filters displayed under the search bar to filter through content by:

Select the Game Features option to narrow down your search results even more! You can select and filter content by:

Additionally, you can type in any of our available Game Features within the search bar to find all content that is related to a particular feature.

The search results can also be filtered by Games or Topics.

The Topics filter will list the learning objectives that relate to the search term. Click on a topic, to receive game recommendations that align with that learning objective.

The Games filter will list all of the games that apply to the search term with information about game ratings, type of game, and estimated play time.

After clicking on a game tile, there are a few actions you can take:

  • Select the Create Assignment button to add the game to an assignment. You can add additional games and assessments to this assignment.

  • Select the Show Game Details and Curriculum Integration for additional information or write a review.

  • Select Try Game to play the game yourself before assigning to your students.

  • Select Get Link to Game to get a direct link that you can send to your students to have them play this game.

  • You can also see icons on the game tile that indicate whether the game is iPad compatible, offers Spanish content, and/or supports text to speech.

    Exploring all content and games

    If you'd like to explore and preview all the topics and games we offer before assigning them to students, you may do so in the EXPLORE CONTENT section of Legends of Learning.

Click the core subject you're teaching.

Each core subject is comprised of a collection of learning objectives, and each objective is listed with its science standard. Click the objective you want to explore.

Each learning objective has its own set of games; each game is unique to that learning objective. On the learning objective page, below the objective name and description, the highlighted game display shows the featured game for the objective. Additional games can be found by scrolling down.

For any game, you can see the game name, it's estimated time of play, whether it's an Instructional or Quiz game, and overall teacher and student rating.

Click on the game tile to view recommended grade levels and read a short description of the game.

The TRY GAME button enables you to play the game yourself and the +Create Assignment button allows you to add the game directly to an assignment.

Clicking SHOW GAME DETAILS & CURRICULUM INTEGRATION from the game tile will open up additional details about the game including reviews, game details, and curriculum.

  • Open REVIEWS to see game reviews and comments by other teachers, and see what students think as well. You can also write your own review using the WRITE REVIEW button.

  • The CURRICULUM section produces a list of vocabulary words, suggested questions for before and after play, and a list of the main concepts taught and reinforced.

  • The GAME DETAILS section shows data based on teacher reviews, about ease of play, suggested use, and content integration.

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