Copying an assignment draft is useful for differentiation purposes. You may need to swap out games or assessments for different student groups, and you can do so without having to make a new assignment from scratch.

To make a copy of an assignment, go to the ASSIGNMENTS section of the sidebar and click on List View.

Search or filter to find the assignment for which you need to make a copy.

Hover over the icon with the three dots in the ACTIONS column.

Click on the term DUPLICATE.

Click CLONE to confirm you would like to make a copy of the assignment.

The copied assignment will be added to the top of your assignments page. It will contain the name of the original assignment plus the word '(Copy)'.

To make edits to the assignment copy, click the edit icon.

This will take you back to the assignment builder where you can change games and assessments as needed. It is also recommended that you rename the assignment when editing as well.

From here, you can choose to assign the activities for students. If you are not quite ready to assign the activities to your students, the assignment will be saved in your ASSIGNMENTS tab, which you can choose to edit and assign to your students at a later date.

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