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How to provide a link to students that will take them directly to your assignment

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In order to assist students with accessing your assignments, you can provide them with a direct link! This link can be sent via email, posted on your class website, or linked on your LMS.

NOTE: If you use Google Classroom, please follow these steps to assign Legends of Learning directly to Google Classroom.

After your assignment is created and scheduled in Legends of Learning, you can copy a link to share with students.

Click the My Assignments tab in your navigation menu.

Then select to see your assignments in List View or Calendar View.

Find the assignment, then click on the three dots under the ACTIONS column.

Click 'Copy Student Join Link'.

If you would like to have students sign in with their school-hosted Google email address, click the 'Prompt Students to Sign in using Google' check box. Otherwise, skip to the step below.

Click the Copy icon to copy the link.

The link can now be sent/posted for students to access!


  • Using the direct link, students will NOT need to enter your Teacher Code.

  • Students will be prompted to Sign Up / Log In to their Legends of Learning account to access the assignment after clicking the link.

  • Each direct link provides access ONLY to that particular assignment. If you'd like students to see all assignments you have available, direct students to go to, click Play Teacher Assignments, and enter your Teacher Code.

  • If students receive a 'Not in Group' message when accessing through the direct link, please check that the student is properly placed in the group that the assignment is tagged to.

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