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Why are my students having trouble loading the games?
Why are my students having trouble loading the games?
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Legends of Learning games require a certain bandwidth in order to run the games on student devices. Some students run into loading issues when the bandwidth on their device is stretched too thin.

Here are a few important tips to note:

  1. If students are using an iPad, please note that not all games are iPad compatible. Please ensure that students are playing games that are iPad compatible.

  2. We are not compatible with Internet Explorer.

  3. We do not recommend having the students try to play while on a live Zoom/Google Meet/Teams meeting. This will drastically slow down load times for students.

Here are a few tips you can pass along to students:

  1. Have students shut down their devices completely by holding down the Power button until the device shuts down, then press the Power button again to reboot the device.

  2. Close any extra browser tabs or background apps.

  3. Clear your browser’s history. Here’s another handy guide.

  4. Update your browser, here’s a handy guide.

  5. Test your Internet speed here. If your download speed is less than 10 Mbps, your network connection is likely too slow to run games.

  6. For iPad devices - ensure that WebGL 2.0 is turned off. Most iPads will have WebGL 2.0 on by default and this will likely hinder game performance. How to turn WebGL 2.0 off:

    1. Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental Features -> Scroll down and turn off "WebGL 2.0"

If none of the tips above resolve the issue, or if all students are experiencing loading problems, your students may not be using compatible devices, or your school may need to adjust their firewall settings. See this article for our whitelisting requirements.

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