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Adding a Co-Teacher

How to add co-teachers to your Legends of Learning account

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Want to know exactly what permissions your Co-teacher(s) will have? Check out this article to learn more.

How to Add A Co-teacher

To add a Co-teacher to your Legends of Learning account, first, click the Students & Groups option on your navigation menu.

Then, select the Co-Teachers option.

Click the Add Co-Teacher button.

Type in the email address of the teacher that you would like to add as a Co-teacher.

Click Add Co-Teacher.

Your Co-teacher will receive an invitation to the email address you entered. On your Co-Teachers Page, you can view the status of the invitation using the icon to the left of the teacher's email.

Once the Co-teacher has accepted your invite, you will see the Co-teacher's name and email appear on your Co-Teachers list.

To cancel the Co-teacher connection, click the trash can icon to the right of your Co-teacher's information.

NOTE: Canceling a Co-teacher connection will remove your students, groups, and assignments from the Co-teacher's account.

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