In order to add students to groups, you first must create groups in your Legends of Learning account. Check out this article for details on how to create student groups.

To start adding students to groups, click the Students & Groups option on the left navigation menu.

Adding individual students to a group

To add individual students to one or more groups, click the "Add to groups..." field in the student list.

Choose the group(s) to which the student is assigned. Note that a student can be added to more than one group. For example, a student who takes two of your classes would be in two groups.

To remove a student from a group, click the X next to the group name.

Adding multiple students to a group at once

To add multiple students to a group at once, use the bulk add to group feature.

Select the students that you would like to add to a group.

Click the three dots at the top left of the student list.

Select Add Student To Groups

In the window that appears, select the group(s) that you would like the students to be added to. Note that students can be added to more than one group.

Click Add To Group

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